Mid life crisis?

car parked in front of my house summer of 2000

I started this Austin Healy bug eye sprite project in 1995 and it is in its third major rebuild since I have owned it. The first time it was about cosmetic improvements, the second time it was about redoing the frame and suspension and today in 2007 I am finally completing it and completely rebuilding it, new paint, fresh engine rebuild and final assembly.

Some people have said that this project is my mid life crisis, it started that way but at the pace I am going, it may become an old age crisis.

It started as a family project with my two boys helping for the first few years, I think they kind of lost interest around year 3 or 4, must be attention deficit disorder or something, What is wrong guys a little 12 year project to much for you? Ya know, kids today have such a short attention span, you just canít keep them interested in anything very long.

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