On the road again


In 2000 I was determined to get the little beast back on the road again, even if it wasn’t finished. It has been in the garage under reconstruction for three years and while I enjoy working on it, I was ready to drive it again. I completed most of the body work and gave it a good coat of yellow primer, than sanded the primer with 600 grit sandpaper to give it a nice smooth finish.

Before paint, I thought it would be a good idea to assemble the car and see how it ran so I could make adjustments without worrying about scratching a new paint job and I am glad I did.

By June 2000 it was ready for the road, it had some small problems with it running to lean and it was running hot. Re-jetting the carburetor to correct the lean condition and adding a new radiator and shroud cooled it down. I dialed in the suspension so it runs real straight and corners real nice. I also had new stainless steal side pipes custom made by Sanderson (the old ones were crushed in the crash).

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