Drive train


Because the car is so small, size dictated some of the decisions. For example, an automatic transmission was selected in favor of a manual for driving comfort, with the wider tunnel to support the back of the engine, room for a clutch peddle was limited and would have made it very uncomfortable to drive. With an automatic, there is room to the left of the brake pedal to comfortably rest your left foot.


I chose a turbo hydro 350 automatic transmission. Physical space for a clutch pedal was the primary factor for an automatic. I installed a B&M shift kit providing firm positive shifts, a manual valve body allowing me to shift manually or automatically. I have mated the transmission with a B&M 10 2400 RPM torque converter necessary to support the fairly radical cam. The car is shifted with a modified quicksilver ratchet shifter.

Rear End

The rear end is a ford 8 unit, from a late 60s mustang, it has been narrowed and is supporting a 3:00 posi differential. I originally ran 3:55 gears but with the short tires, found them to be way to low. All original brackets have been cut and ground clean, and new brackets supporting the rear suspension system were welded in place. The transmission and rear end have been fused with a custom built and balanced drive shaft.

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