4 Important Factors to Check while Importing a Fishing Boat from the USA to Australia

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Planning to import a fishing boat? Congratulations! It’s a great decision. However, have you considered which boat to buy, what features it should have and similar factors?

Well, if you are primarily considering the USA to import a boat from, it’ll be interesting to consider the various features of American fishing boats. Here are some important considerations.

1. Features of American Fishing Boats

For beginners, a sport fishing yacht has distinctive features that make it stand out from other watercrafts.

Meant to pursue trophy fish like tuna or marlin, it has an open cockpit sufficiently big to house many crew members and even a ‘fighting chair’ for the angler.

To support the big fishing rod of the angler, the chair has additional structural support.

The boat also needs a high flybridge for spot fishing at a distance.

Plus, it needs adequate power to cruise with speed but also with comfort in offshore saltwater, but at the same time should maintain constant, slow-trolling speeds.

Additional features include comfortable yet not essentially palatial cabin accommodations and plenty of storage for fish, gear and ice.

2. Size

The size of the cockpit is decided from the size of the fighting chair and space needed to move around it along with adequate space for gear. This leads to a figure for the overall width or beam of the boat.

And since the general ratio of beam to length is around 33%, it also determines the overall length of the boat. Also this 33% isn’t a hard and fast number; it can differ according to the owner’s requirements.

3. Estimating Weight

The next step is to estimate the weight of the boat. For this, a list is prepared of all the items of all components of the boat and their weights, including electrical systems, engine and interior accommodation, and also deck, composite hull and remaining structure.

Though this process is tedious, it’s very important because it will determine if the design can meet the desired speed goals with a satisfactory draft (the depth of hull in the water).

Location of weight is also crucial as it will influence the longitudinal centre of gravity as well as hull’s performance.

For most yachts, minimum 20% of the boat’s weight is in the hull. Therefore, the best weight management to ensure the highest performance can be sought in fine-tuning the composite laminate design of the hull.

After the target weight is decided, hull loads will be determined which allows completion of the “scantling” design or the boat’s structure’s layout.

Scantlings include the position and number of bulkheads and stringers along with the composite fibre architecture and laminate thickness and increase in importance and complexity with the increase in the boat’s speed, size and performance.

It’s better to get the boat professionally inspected to check all these factors. You can take help of Dazmac Logistics to find a professional yacht inspection service.

4. Choice of Material and Development of Laminate

Choosing a solid fibreglass laminate instead of wood-cored laminates has some practical advantages. It’s simpler to lay up solid laminate in a highly contoured V-hull keel mould than cored laminate.

Choice of material is affected by many factors like price, availability and the boat-builder’s familiarity with the product.

Modern combination of fabrics and multiaxials, often in fiberglass, may be specified for laminates because in most cases they can offer the desired strength at less weight.

All these factors are important in deciding how the yacht performs and so, you should know about them when you get Dazmac Logistics for boat shipping in Australia and want to enjoy fishing with your new boat.

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