AMG C63 Coupé- Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting your Hands on this Beast

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If you are one of those cars lovers, who want to have the best in class experience with brand value, you might be confused as to what should be your next purchase. Though there are a lot of choices available in the market for different segment but if you are a fan of performance vehicle and are looking for performance with comfort, C63 Coupe is your best option.

Here are top 5 reason why you should consider buying this high-performance car.

  1. Muscular look

Unlike Sedan, AMG c63 Coupe has wider fenders and extra space. Apart from giving your car a rich luxurious look, these fenders also help in performance enhancement. Wider arches to accommodate bigger wheels not only give you a better grip on road but also the coveted Muscular look.

  1. Powerful engine

4.0-liter V8 engine is perhaps one of the best engines in AMG Mercedes. With bountiful torque and good throttle, this turbo engine does not leave you wanting for more.

  1. That start and splendid noise

Now if you are also car lover, you would know the adrenalin rush that starting of a luxury or sports car brings. Well, this car is no different. Thanks to the twin-turbo engine and power that this car has, the starting noise is surely a treat for your ears.

  1. High speed

Let’s admit one of the many reason for buying a high-performance luxury car is the speed that it can take. Where regular cars often fail in 90mph, this car works smoothly even on 100mph. You can easily hit a 160 mph if you get clear straight roads. Next time you are planning to take roads less travelled, take this beast with you.

  1. Easy handling

Been making performance for almost 50 years, AMG is known for best in class performance and aerodynamically tailored body. Thanks to the expert manufacturing, this car is not only high in class, engine, comfort and performance but can also be handled easily even at high speed.

With additional features such as dynamic engine mounts, sports steering and suspension, this car is never going to get out of your hand.


All these benefits are exclusive to C63 Coupe and you can never get such a beast in the same segment. If need be, you can enhance the features further with getting alloy wheels, nappa leather, aero package etc., just by spending a few hundred dollars extra.

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