Dos and Don’t While filing car insurance

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We all are in a rat race to be successful and settled in our life. Your mode of Transportation plays a very important role in your success and comfort. The car is the most comfortable and preferred four-wheel vehicle if you want to travel from one place to another via road alone, with family or with your friends. It not only gives you comfort but also ensure your safety in many ways. Same as your car promise you safety; you also need to ensure your car’s safety. Car insurance is the best way by which you can assure your car security.  A car also maintains your status, pride and aura in the society you lives. Sometimes, even we judge someone by the type of vehicle he/she travels in. So we choose the best car for us. But some unwanted expenses that arise due to the car accident or repair can lead your budget on an unbalanced road. Car Insurance policy secures your vehicle and your pocket at the same time. Car insurance policy is mandatory for all cars zooming on the Indian roads under IRDA. Good car insurance not only save your economic loss but also save you from mental, legal and social stress.

Dos and Don’ts while filing car insurance –

 But, as we spend so much time in finalizing the car looking at all aspect be it color, technology, latest model or various other features, how can be finalized car insurance in one go? There are many do’s and don’ts while filing your car insurance in the same way.

Dos while Filing car insurance –

It is obvious that we look at the best features while we buy any car insurance but the point is do we know about the complete set of rules and regulations we need to follow? Here are some Dos –

  1. A First Information Report is the first key to your filing claim process and nothing can be done without it. So, file an FIR mandatory after a road accident of the insured vehicle.
  2. The second key to filing the insurance policy is informing the insurance provider. Insurance provider should be in the loop without much delay.
  3. Like inclusions, there are various exclusions from the car insurance policy. SO, figure out whether your scenario is covered under the plan or not. You can even try the help lines or online assistance. Be vigilant.
  4. This is an age of technology; so, click the picture on the spot if possible as a proof of accident, injury or any other damage.
  5. It is mandatory of keeping a record of every claim, paperwork or any proposal with you for any further use. Take care of all kinds of expenses that occur from the accident to the Final settlement time.

Don’ts while Filing

There is a set of rules and regulation for don’ts also during any situation. IT is very important to follow don’ts in order to get what you expect-

  1. Do not go for an informal settlement as it will lead you to miss out the insurance claim.
  2. Lashing out on the third party will lead you in between nowhere. It is mandatorily needed to file an FIR.
  3. If you are driving under influence of any toxic drug that is not prescribed by any legal doctor or after consuming alcohol then things will not turn in your favor.
  4. Avoid giving anything like a written statement from your end to the insurance company before understating all pros and cons of the insurance company.
  5. Do not run from any accidental situation, but face the situation smartly and avoid moving any of the vehicles involved during the accident.
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