Fixing Oil Leaks Issues and Detecting where the Leaks Come From

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As a car owner, you should think of your vehicle like a body. The body can only function it has blood pumping through it. The oil is your car’s blood and without it, your engine will suffer and won’t function. Eventually, there will be more issues to deal with and you may have to replace your engine to get your vehicle up and running again. To avoid this, it’s important to know automotive facts to know where the leaks are coming from.

Here are some tips that may help you with this:

Ensure the Engine is Clean

The engine can get dirty because of debris and dust at accumulates on the road. The buildup will make it hard for you to find the source of an oil leak so get your engine cleaned first. You will need a degreasing fluid a brush to clean your engine. Although you may not do enough cleaning here, at least you will be able to detect where the oil leak comes from.

Follow the Leak Path Back to the Start

Once your engine is cleaned, you may easily see where the oil leak is coming from. But, the location of the drip may not perfectly let you locate the oil leak source. Oil leaks can follow a path from the source and you have to follow this back to the beginning. With this, you may not need to spend money on auto parts that you don’t really need.

Know the Common Oil Leak Sources

In terms of auto parts, there are a lot of areas where oil leaks can take place. Assess these areas first so you don’t waste your effort and time.


  • Crankcase gasket. This car part may not be in some vehicles and is not easy to see as the inlet manifold or exhaust conceals it.
  • Timing-cover seal. Oil leaks that can take place here may be due to the engine operating quickly.
  • Sump pan. Oil leaks found in this engine part can be fixed by tightening the bolts and nuts.
  • Distributor flange. Oil leaks can occur in this part when the connection between the flange and the cover is not tight enough. This can be fixed by replacing the gasket or seal that is causing the issue.

In case you notice leaks or a shortage of oil in your engine, ensure you check for leaks at these locations and fix the parts right away. Ignoring even simple oil leak issues can lead to serious problems and costly replacements.

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