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Maintain that new car smell, and protect your expensive seats from odors, stains, and wear. That's the purpose of quality, waterproof seat covers. And what is the number one reason your car interior no longer has that glorious new car smell. Don't point to your passengers who may be wearing perfume or a deodorant you don't like, or your kids who refuse to wash their lucky socks because with them they've managed to win 8 soccer games in a row. Oh no, the number one cause of your seat covers smelling a little bit rancid is due to good old-fashioned sweat. You see, sweat, which is primarily composed of water, salt, and other chemicals is pretty much odorless until it gets mixed with the bacteria of your body.
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A dashboard cover is an overlay to protect the vehicle's dashboard. It protects from environmental factors like sunlight, UV rays, heat as well as human errors. The dashboard cover perfectly fits the dashboard with pre-cuts for air vents and controls. You can find dashboard cover in different color and fabrics. This helps to add style to the interior look of the vehicle, along with the protection.
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As a proud bike owner, you are now waiting to zip at top speed with your special someone seated on the pillion. Also, you are probably looking for comfortable and quick rides to your place of work despite the heavy rush hour traffic. The pleasure and convenience of owning a two-wheeler cannot be underestimated in any way. However, as there are several accident risks involved with two-wheelers, it is prudent to buy insurance coverage at the earliest. Through this article, you will understand the ...