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As a proud bike owner, you are now waiting to zip at top speed with your special someone seated on the pillion. Also, you are probably looking for comfortable and quick rides to your place of work despite the heavy rush hour traffic. The pleasure and convenience of owning a two-wheeler cannot be underestimated in any way.

However, as there are several accident risks involved with two-wheelers, it is prudent to buy insurance coverage at the earliest. Through this article, you will understand the different types of two-wheeler insurance covers and why it is important to select the right one at the earliest.

Types of Two Wheeler Insurance Covers

Generally, there are two kinds of two wheeler insurance coverage plans – comprehensive two wheeler insurance and third party liability two wheeler insurance.

Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance

In case you are looking for a two wheeler insurance policy that provides coverage for loss or damage to your vehicle as well as yourself, then it would be a good idea to opt for a comprehensive insurance plan without wasting any time.

You can buy a cover for natural and man-made calamities with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan. The different eventualities against which you will get protection would include inundations, earthquakes, typhoons, self-ignitions, floods, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire, and so forth. In addition, the various man-made eventualities for which you will be covered against the harm or damages inflicted on your two-wheeler would include strikes, collision, thefts, malicious acts, etc.

The comprehensive two wheeler insurance purchased by you would also include the obligatory third-party liability cover, and damages caused while your bike/scooter is in transit via air, water, rail, or road. You may also want to include other add-ons at small additional premiums to enhance the overall coverage. These would include protection for zero depreciation, two-wheeler accessories, engine damage, etc.

Third Party Liability Two Wheeler Insurance

In case you find yourself in an accident that involves a third party and your scooter, and bodily or other kinds of damages are inflicted to a third party person or property, then the coverage offered by this type of insurance will come into play. The cover is applicable for any non-fatal or fatal bodily injuries or death inflicted on the third-party person.

Additionally, if any kind of damage is caused to third party property (for instance, the other party’s two-wheeler or car), then the insurance cover will take care of the financial repercussions of the same. In line with the pre-conditions of the two-wheeler insurance plan purchased by you, you may look forward to getting the appropriate monetary compensation for the sake of fulfilling these third-party liabilities.

Inclusions and Exclusion of a Two Wheeler Insurance

There is a tab on the limit of coverage provided for unexpected risks, liabilities, and damages when you purchase a third-party two wheeler insurance. Given this, it is very important to ascertain the inclusions and exclusions of the plan shortlisted by you earlier on.

For instance, if you happen to sustain bodily injuries in the course of the accident, you will not receive any coverage for the hospital bills that follow. To get the same, you need to enhance the coverage by including an add-on for personal accident cost coverage. Once you have opted for the same, your two wheeler insurance policy including personal accident cover will also protect your cause in case any eventuality takes place. You will be covered for total/partial permanent disability, temporary disability, and death. Some insurance providers also include protection for pillion riders – choose accordingly.

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