Why Exporting Used Cars from USA is an Exciting Option

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Do you know the worth of auto industry exports from the US? The country is responsible for almost 8% of the international cars export industry with a worth of $53 Billion. This leaves USA only behind Japan and Germany.

But why are we talking about cars? A car is undeniably the second most valuable possession after a home. In the modern world, the management of different aspects of your life whether it is personal or professional can’t be achieved adequately without having a dependable car that can take you anywhere at any time.

As someone living outside the United States of America, you should have a look at buying used cars from USA. People overseas find used American cars a lot cheaper than the ones sold in their own countries. By lower prices, we are not talking about cheaper by 10 or 20 percent but used cars in USA are almost twice and even three times cheaper than their counterparts abroad. This makes exporting cars from USA an extremely tempting option.

Suppose, you are an international student in US and you have to go back to your country after your bachelors or masters. Unfortunately, you can’t shift your cozy American home to your country but you can certainly export your used car. As you will call and ask Marlog Car Handling, you will realize that the expenses required to send your car back to your home town are not much and you can enjoy on drives with your beloved car in your home town’s roads too!

A few countries have some harsh laws regarding importing of cars that have been used for a certain number of years. So do look into your home country’s laws regarding importation and do make sure if your used car can be exported easily to USA.

There are such restrictions for shipping cars because the local car industries of some countries want to keep a monopoly on their out-dated cars and they pressure their respective government to make it harder for American cars to be exported to their countries as American cars are advanced and versatile. They know that the local consumers will stop buying their vehicles for cheaper and greater quality of American used cars in a blink of an eye.

The variety and models that USA cars will provide you is too many as compared to other countries. There are so many models that were never introduced in other countries. It can provide you with a certain distinction in your country as you can drive a unique car with better features than others on the road.

Whether, you are an international student or H-1 visa holder in USA going back to your country or you reside in another country and are interested in a reliable and powerful used car from USA, you can contact Marlog Car Handling to ship a car from USA to your home country. We will help you in all aspects and provide you with your dream car without any hassle.

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